Ken Yasinski has been speaking full time for 20 years within the Catholic Church.  He is the founder of Face to Face Ministries, a Lighthouse Catholic Media Speaker, author, and songwriter.

At the core of every message, he challenges people to realize their full potential in life – to be a saint

Ken grew up in a strong Catholic home in St. Walburg, SK, then moved to Saskatoon to attend the University of Saskatchewan.  It was there, at the age of 19, that he had a renewal of his Catholic faith and his desire to share Christ grew.  After obtaining a 4-year B.A. in Psychology and a 3-year certificate in Religious studies, he was hired as a youth minister for six different parishes in the diocese of Prince Albert.  After two years of starting up these programs, calls began to flood in requesting Ken to speak and lead various events.  By 2002 he was on the road every second weekend speaking and leading people in worship before the blessed sacrament through musical Eucharistic adoration.

Ken currently speaks regularly for parish missions, conferences, and retreats across Canada and internationally.  His passion for the faith, fidelity to the Church, and his ability to communicate with clarity, inspires Catholics to an extra-ordinary life in Christ.  At the core of every message, he challenges people to realize their full potential in life – to be a saint.

Ken is also a busy husband currently residing in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada with his wife Janelle, and their five children.

Keynote 1: Living with purpose
Keynote 2: The promise of power
Keynote 3: Becoming a living thank you

Having been raised in an agnostic household, Ryan was first introduced to Christ through Our Lady of Victory Camp in central Alberta – only an hour from his home town of Innisfail. His faith was sparked as a fourteen-year-old counsellor; and now, as a young adult, that same faith has developed into a deep and meaningful relationship with Christ. Since joining the Church in 2011, God has continuously used Ryan’s gifts and talents of public speaking, musicianship and relational ministry to serve His kingdom. After serving a year with Net Ministries of Canada, trailered by a year with Pure Witness Ministries, Ryan has eagerly accepted God’s calling and joined the FacetoFace School Retreat Team.

Keynote 4: Multiplying your yes

Born and raised in Vancouver, he was ordained in Vancouver in May 1990. His pastoral assignments included ten years as the Director of the Office of Youth Ministry, and several pastorships.

He earned a Doctor of Ministry program at Trinity Western University, which he completed in 2007. In December 2007, he was honoured by Pope Benedict XVI, who recognized him as “Prelate of Honour” for his work in the Archdiocese of Vancouver. He was appointed principal of St. Mark’s and president of Corpus Christi Colleges in 2011.

On October 15, 2013, Pope Francis named Most Rev. Mark Hagemoen as the sixth Bishop of the Diocese of Mackenzie -Fort Smith. He was installed as the eighth Bishop of the Diocese of Saskatoon on November 23, 2017.

Talk: Spiritual lessons in nature (Bishop Mark’s reflections from his many wilderness adventures on how God leads and challenges us) - Youth & Adults - Breakout 1

Born and raised in Estevan with 9 siblings - Fr. Steve was ordained as a priest for the Archdiocese of Regina in 1991.  He has served in various parishes, recently as the pastor of Christ the King in Regina. Fr. Steve has been involved in youth ministry for many years, and has been the Vocations Director for the Archdiocese of Regina for the past few years.

Talks: Vocational Discernment - Youth & Young Adults - Breakout 1

Jacob has been an active volunteer in youth and young adult ministry in his home Archdiocese of Grouard McLennan, AB. He is also coming from working five years in the oil and gas industry, and a power engineer by trade. From there he took the two-year Faith formation program at St. Therese Institute of Faith and Mission, and is currently a third-year apostolic year student at St. Therese.

Talks: Truth in Fiction - Youth Focuses - Breakout 1

Gloria was born in Grande Prairie, Alberta and has spent the last two years in Bruno, Saskatchewan attending St. Therese Institute of Faith and Mission. Having encountered the mercy of Jesus in the Eucharist during those two years of formation, she feels blessed to have the opportunity to accompany others in their journey towards Jesus—and especially his mercy—as an Apostolic Year student at St. Therese.

Talks: Here comes the Bride (The gift of self in the Mass) - Youth & Adults - Breakout 1

Born and raised in Newfoundland, Fr. Mick is the oldest boy in a family of eleven children. After graduating from Gonzaga High school run by the Jesuits, he spent 10 years working for the 'Boys & Girls' Club of St. John's,  a few years in the finance world, and then entered the Redemptorists in 1982.

His ordination to priesthood took place on May 19, 1988 at the Basilica of St. John the Baptiste in St. John's, NL. In the last 31 years of Priesthood he has served on the leadership of his province and has been stationed in at least six provinces across Canada where Redemptorists are present as well a helping in the North on three occasions in the MacKenzie Forth Smith Diocese.

Fr. Mick was a harness racing owner, trainer, and driver for many years, played hockey with the Flying Fathers for a few years, and loves Basketball, Hockey, Squash and racket ball.

This is his second assignment to Saskatoon where he is now the pastor of St. Mary's Parish on 20th Street.

Talk: My soul magnifies the Lord - Learning from Mary - Adult Focused - Breakout 1

Rebecca Skuban originates from Westlock, Alberta, and has journeyed through two years of formation at St. Therese Institute of Faith and Mission. Having fallen in love with the work being accomplished there, (as well as Saskatchewan skies) she is currently involved in the formation program as an Apostolic Year student. She is deeply convicted of the call to intimate union with Jesus at all times and in all places.

Talk: Into the Wilderness (the practicals of prayer) - Youth & Adults - Breakout 2

Mary McLane, originally from Battleford SK, is a missionary with Catholic Christian Outreach. She loves hot chocolate, competitive board games, and bringing others closer to Jesus. When she isn’t on campus or volunteering with a Church ministry, you can often find Mary hanging with her friends or family. She’s always up for a late night chat, early morning gym sesh, or mid-day Popeyes run.

Session: Praying the Rosary (Includes a brief introduction and reflections with each mystery) - Youth & Adults - Breakout 2

Ordained a priest for the Roman Catholic Diocese of Saskatoon in 2007, Fr. Darryl Millette has served in several parishes in and around Saskatoon. He is currently pastor of Holy Spirit Parish in Saskatoon. Chloe, his Wheaten Terrier puppy, follows him around most of the day. In his spare time he geeks out, holding degrees in electrical engineering and computer science. Fr. Darryl also plays hockey and cheers for the greatest team in Canada: the Saskatchewan Roughriders!

Session: Liturgy Practicals (Why do we say this or do that during Mass?) - Youth & Adults - Breakout 2

Executive Director Jon is originally from Lanigan, Saskatchewan. After graduation Jon spent four years doing various types of youth ministry, including two years as a Deanery Youth Ministries Coordinator in the Diocese of Prince Albert. With a renewed desire for retreat ministry, Jon joined FacetoFace Ministries in 2007.  After completing a Bachelors degree in Social Work, Jon began working full time with FacetoFace in 2011. He is now the Executive Director and leads weekend retreats and conferences.

Leading the Adult Session at 4:00pm

Pure Witness Ministries is a youth and family ministry, founded in 2011 in response to St. John Paul II’s call to the New Evangelization. The mission of Pure Witness is to challenge Catholics to become pure witnesses of their faith by setting Christ at the heart of their lives. Through dynamic and relevant youth retreats, programs and events, Pure Witness Ministries is working to love a generation back to Christ.

Session: Relax and Fun (For youth that want a break from the talks) - Youth - Breakout 2