Breakout Sessions

The breakout sessions are now closed for sign up. If you have not signed up for one then you will be instructed to do so during registration on Saturday, Nov 14, at 10:00-10:25am @ Holy Family Cathedral.

Saturday afternoon we will have breakout sessions. These 2+ hour sessions will include some fun, a talk, small group discussion, and more.

Breakout session topics and locations are found below.


BREAKOUT SESSIONS - Topics, Speakers, and Locations.


This talk brings together faith and reason in a simple way while exploring the mechanics of prayer, with regard to the relationship between angelic and human persons. In other words, this talk will help people understand that prayer is not merely something we do, but rather is essential in the spiritual battle and is beneficial for the salvation of souls - including our own.

Hudson Byblow
Hudson is a speaker and author who today shares his faith journey through the lens of mathematics and also coming to understand essential truths about angels and also the power of the Communion of Saints. He hopes that this talk will be a good introduction to seeing things in a more complete way, and will inspire people to continue to look towards the wisdom of the Church.

For the average Catholic, going to Mass and spending time in personal prayer takes up about 2% of their week. How do you live your faith the other 98% of the time? Come learn practical tips to keep Christ at the center of your everyday life.

Jon Courchene
Jon and his wife Deneige (the beautiful one in the picture) are trying to strive for holiness and stay sane while raising four little boys. Besides being a husband and father, Jon works full time with FacetoFace Ministries. He loves to share his faith, play sports, and crush people at board games.

Learn scientifically proven secrets for a healthy romantic relationship from a professionally married couple that definitely did everything perfectly.
(Healthy Romantic Relationships - Gabe and Kaylene share their story, from exchanging email addresses to exchanging vows, and what they learned along the way.)

Gabe & Kaylene Dipple
Gabe and Kaylene are long-time FacetoFace Ministries alumni, having grown up going to Ignite camps and youth retreats together throughout their teen years. They are now married (finally) and live in Regina with their dog and their baby (release date December 2020).

What do you think about yourself? Are you worth dying for or some days do you struggle to believe you’re worth anything at all? We all do this. We all struggle, at times, to believe we are the gift that God created us to be.

I’ve got my own stories about the seasons in my life when I believed the lies that told me I wasn’t good enough, skinny enough, smart enough and that I certainly could never be called to greatness.
Come and learn some practical tools for how to combat the lies we think about ourselves and fully claim the truth about who God wants YOU to be.

Christy Dupuis
Christy Dupuis is a lay missionary with Catholic Christian Outreach. She has dedicated her life to the mission of evangelization and is an experienced speaker and retreat leader. Christy is a wife to Dan and mother to 4 adventurous children who love to keep her on her toes.

What did Jesus tell us about the Eucharist? Why do we believe it is the true presence of God?

Daniel Pashula
Daniel has been travelling western Canada for over 5 years putting on hundreds of retreats to Thousands of youth. He lives in Saskatoon with his wife Christine and has been working for FacetoFace Ministries for 2 years. Daniel enjoys sports, music and helping others grow closer to God.