FacetoFace United Conference 2021

We at FacetoFace are thrilled to be offering a 'regular' conference with only a few tweaks to help minimize COVID exposure risk. Please read through the points below as some of this may not have been in place when you first registered.

1. Mandatory masks: Since we are following protocols set out by the health authorities in Saskatchewan, as of Sept 17 everyone needs to wear masks at the conference and every indoor public place in Saskatchewan.
- Anyone who has a mask exemption needs to provide a copy of it to FacetoFace in advance of the conference so we are aware. Exemptions need to included the name of the individual to whom the written confirmation of exemption applies; the name of the issuing health professional; the telephone number of the issuing health professional; the signature of the issuing health professional; and the date the written confirmation was provided (Sept 22 Health Order, Section 4f).

2. Food: Knowing we are bringing together youth from different parishes and locations we are taking extra care around meals and snacks to reduce risks. Our goal is to avoid unnecessary indoor mask removal and thus no food will be eaten inside the Cathedral.
- Saturday lunch will eaten outside.
- Saturday and Sunday snacks will be eaten outside.
- The conference will break for Saturday supper; participants are expected to eat off site on their own. This includes providing their own transportation to any restaurants, etc.
- Sunday lunch will be given as a to go meal. This can be eaten outside for those who wish to continue hanging out, or eaten in vehicles on the commute home.

3. Self monitor for symptoms leading up to United. If you have COVID symptoms within the 10 days leading up to the conference then we ask that you stay home. Please notify us if this happens and we will give a full refund.

4. There have been NO changes group size. We can still have 200+ participants at the conference.

5. There is NO proof of vaccination required. After consulting the government, the Diocese of Saskatoon, and Holy Family Cathedral, the United Conference does not need a proof of vaccination. This is because the retreat is happening in a 'place of worship' and serves or aids the life of the church.

If any changes to these protocols occur before United will be updating the COVID section on our website and notifying participants.